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Bad Sailor Moon item sellers and buyers

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Possible Scammer/Seller ttbutters
Sera Myu: Renegade Soldier
khaleesi wrote in badmoonies
I was thinking about buying 6 Sailor Moon pretty faced dolls off of the site, The seller is a person known as ttbutters. The dolls are deboxed and only four of them have stands. I asked a lot of questions and the seller was very fast to respond and seemed nice. Then I asked if they would take paypal and they said only cash or money order. I tried to help them set up paypal on the site, and they said the had an account, but didn't want to accept payment from me through paypal. I asked to see more feedback, and they said they had an ebay account under the name ttbutters708. I went and checked there as well and guess what? They had all positive feedback but you can't leave NEGATIVES for buyers! Three of the 9 feedbacks were from annoyed sellers who sold to this person and they wouldn't pay, so they were forced to take action! That's never a good sign. So I responded and said I'd rather not send untraceable cash or money order to them. They got mad and said if that's how I felt, to "have a nice life". Then they started cussing at other potential buyers! Beware and use good judgement with this person...


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