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Bad Sailor Moon item sellers and buyers

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Blacklisting wixlover001 of YouTube
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seakittym wrote in badmoonies
Original post with all comments located here:

She seemed like a nice enough girl. She's from Singapore. I mention this because it's really expensive to ship to Singapore. Anyway, she contacted me first back in February, wanting to buy all kinds of cosplay accessories (Like upwards of $500 worth) and asking if I took credit cards. I told her that I do take credit cards but only through PayPal, and she said okay, she had an account, and would buy things the next day. Then she did buy a few things and emailed saying she couldn't buy as much as she wanted because her dad and paypal had put a spending limit per day because she spent $3000 like.... within a couple hours. It must be nice to have that kind of spending capability, but I digress! She emailed back a couple days later saying go ahead and send what she had ordered because she couldn't order anymore because her dad got mad and took her credit card away. So, I sent the stuff. A week or so later, she got it, and was really happy. She ordered a couple more things a while later, I sent those, she was happy. Then she started saying she wanted to order more stuff but that her dad took her other credit card away, so she and a friend were going to use the friends' credit card to buy stuff. All they bought was a Saturn tiara. It said so clearly on the PayPal receipt...

She emailed when she got it and was like "The tiara is nice but where's all the wands I ordered?" I panicked because I was like OH MY GOD I DIDN'T SEND WANDS AND IT'S SO EXPENSIVE TO SHIP TO SINGAPORE AND I WOULD HAVE SAVED SOME MONEY HAD I DONE IT ALL AT ONCE but the receipt didn't say ANYTHING about wands, so I emailed her back and told her. She insisted she ordered a Mercury and Jupiter wand and that I needed to check again. Then she emailed back saying she bought a Mars wand (which I know wasn't true because [info]jeepers9 had bought it way before she bought anything) and then emailed three or four more times to say she had ordered other wands too. It was like she was randomly saying she ordered wands even though Paypal clearly said she didn't. I even provided her with a copy of the invoice, the transaction IDs, everything, and it was as if she wasn't acknowledging that at all. Then it got real quiet and I didn't hear from her again for a month or so, and then she wanted to order something else, and I asked her if she'd ever figured out the thing with paypal where she thought she ordered a bunch of wands but didn't. She said "Oh don't even worry about that." Okay...?

In the meantime, I had a few other Sailor Moon related people from youtube email me and tell me about their awful time with her. Mine was so far nothing in comparison, and I figured it'd be over soon enough. She emailed me again a week ago to say she had sent me a money order in the mail and was wondering if I got it. I told her I didn't, and then she emailed back telling me I needed to settle down and wait for it to process... I... didn't know what to say because she was acting as if I was the one who emailed her being like WHERE IS MY MONEY BITCH WHERE'S MY MONEY!!!!! But I didn't even know she was placing an order... Anyway, I didn't email back because I didn't know what to say, and I never did get any kind of payment or order form from her.

Saturday, I was all PSYCHED UP because I was going to see Harry Potter at the imax theatre, but I checked my email and there was a credit card chargeback made from 'the friend's' credit card. Paypal took the money from my account to give back to the buyer, leaving me totally screwed for my trip to the imax theatre. I looked at the details, and apparently the credit card was stolen.

I called Paypal customer service when I got home from Harry Potter's house (hurr hurr), and the customer service representative even commented on how bizarre it was that the order was placed on April 11 but they're only just now doing a chargeback. So who really knows what's happening? Perhaps the credit card really was stolen. Perhaps she's just trying to get her money back somehow AND get to keep the items. All I know is I'm fabulously overdrawn on my paypal account because of her and it wrecked my day at the theatre. I DIDN'T GET ANY POPCORN OR A DRINK :( I HAD TO LISTEN TO EVERYONE ELSE ENJOYING THEIR RAISINETS :(

As of now, I just have to prove to PayPal that I did indeed ship the item, but that doesn't guarantee I'll get the money back. I don't see why it matters if it was a stolen credit card.

I know [info]ripjevanwinkle has had some issues with her too but I'm not really sure what all that entailed. If you have had any issues with this user, feel free to talk about it here. She seems to only be interested in Sailor Moon related items.

This is still going on as of 8/2/09. Another claim has been filed over Paypal. Looking over my records, this girl has purchased items from me four separate times, all with different names and email addresses, but always the same shipping address (as well as the same contact on Youtube). I was able to provide proof of shipping to Paypal and I'm informed that chargeback specialists are looking into it, but it's grim. So far, I have lost nearly $100 to her over the stolen credit card situation. Both of the chargebacks have been issued under the name Khoo Katherine.

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have questions..
Do she told you want wands as you never sell them?
..Do you email to her for about stolen credit card/$$$ of yours? if yes and then what's she say..?

I'm sorry but some confuse to me ^^; if she still steal in your paypal then try change new email she never know who it is.

I don't understand your first question.

I did email her and she never responded. She hasn't said a word about the credit card.

She did a chargeback on her credit card, claiming it was stolen, so that she could get free stuff, basically.

She emailed when she got it and was like "The tiara is nice but where's all the wands I ordered?" I panicked because I was like OH MY GOD I DIDN'T SEND WANDS AND IT'S SO EXPENSIVE TO SHIP TO SINGAPORE AND I WOULD HAVE SAVED SOME MONEY HAD I DONE IT ALL AT ONCE
I try say that. XD Do she order wands before she say where the wands..

=/ you reported papal about her? I hope you get the money back..

She got everything she ordered from me. She ordered 4 separate times and 2 of those times were within a few days of each other, so I combined shipped. She received everything but was trying to trick me into thinking she had ordered a lot more.

She wanted several months before doing a chargeback, and paypal almost always sides with the buyer, so I probably will never see that money again. Apparently she does this to quite a lot of people which is why I am listing her.

Wow..dude..she's too greedy.. how she evil XD

so..paypal never believe you huh?
So who she is name/email? I will more carefully and if I sell sailor moon items I never give/sell to her. XD

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