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Bad Sailor Moon item sellers and buyers

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seakittym wrote in badmoonies
I don't want to just delete this community because I really do think that when the need arises, it should be there. Sailor Moon has a huge fandom that necessitates keeping tabs on scam artists, and there are so many communities where warnings about scams and the like could get lost.

However, over the last few weeks, I've been removing myself from Sailor Moon related communities. I'm finally down to just a few more and this is one of them, but I can't just leave it without putting it in the hands of someone who will take care of it. I realise it's gone nowhere as of yet but I think with proper management (ie: not me), it can be much better.

I just don't have time anymore. I announced several months ago that I would be shutting down MoonPrism and job hunting and now I'm in the running for a really awesome job and I'm swamped with orders on top of it (I'm shutting down October 1 so people are rushing their orders in), so proper community management just isn't my priority list anymore.

If you're interested in running this community, let me know in a comment what you plan to do to make it better here, etc... I'll screen comments.



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