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Bad Sailor Moon item sellers and buyers

Blacklisting wixlover001 of YouTube
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seakittym wrote in badmoonies
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This is still going on as of 8/2/09. Another claim has been filed over Paypal. Looking over my records, this girl has purchased items from me four separate times, all with different names and email addresses, but always the same shipping address (as well as the same contact on Youtube). I was able to provide proof of shipping to Paypal and I'm informed that chargeback specialists are looking into it, but it's grim. So far, I have lost nearly $100 to her over the stolen credit card situation. Both of the chargebacks have been issued under the name Khoo Katherine.

Possible Scammer/Seller ttbutters
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khaleesi wrote in badmoonies
I was thinking about buying 6 Sailor Moon pretty faced dolls off of the site, The seller is a person known as ttbutters. The dolls are deboxed and only four of them have stands. I asked a lot of questions and the seller was very fast to respond and seemed nice. Then I asked if they would take paypal and they said only cash or money order. I tried to help them set up paypal on the site, and they said the had an account, but didn't want to accept payment from me through paypal. I asked to see more feedback, and they said they had an ebay account under the name ttbutters708. I went and checked there as well and guess what? They had all positive feedback but you can't leave NEGATIVES for buyers! Three of the 9 feedbacks were from annoyed sellers who sold to this person and they wouldn't pay, so they were forced to take action! That's never a good sign. So I responded and said I'd rather not send untraceable cash or money order to them. They got mad and said if that's how I felt, to "have a nice life". Then they started cussing at other potential buyers! Beware and use good judgement with this person...


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